Propylene Glycol

OK, I have a new recipe for you! You’ll need potatoes, carrots and some Antifreeze…what’s the matter? You don’t like Antifreeze? It’s in many of the foods you are already eating, so why don’t you want to cook with it? OK, so it’s not actual Antifreeze, just Propylene Glycol, the active ingredient in Antifreeze…pretty much the same thing if you ask me.

High exposure to Propylene Glycol causes death, heart problems, kidney damage, slurred speech, convulsions and nausea. In animal testing, it caused birth defects and low sperm counts. However, since Propylene Glycol is found in so many products we use (and eat!) on a daily basis, who’s to say that we aren’t being exposed to it at a high enough level?

You can find Propylene Glycol in Antifreeze, brake fluids, certain processed foods, cosmetics, and in some medicines…things that all of us use on a regular basis! The MSDS sheet warns that if you get this on your skin, you need to wash it immediately! How can that be safe to use in foods, baby wipes and other products that we use on our children’s skin?

Here’s how I see it: Propylene Glycol is a dangerous, toxic chemical that causes severe health problems. Then, the FDA claims that in “small amounts”, it is safe for use on our children’s sensitive skin…safe for us to eat. Since the FDA has not conducted any tests, how do they know it’s safe? How do they know how much is safe?
If I use 15 baby wipes containing Propylene Glycol on my baby per day, is that safe? How about if I use those 15 baby wipes, AND use baby soap AND baby lotion, then feed my baby food containing Propylene Glycol? Is it still safe?

I read the other day that you should purchase foods that have a maximum of five ingredients; and they should all be ingredients that you KNOW and would put in your own recipes! I think we should all do this; it would certainly send a message to the food industry that we are serious about these ingredients that are killing our kids!

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