4 Year Old Cheeseburger Debate

Have y’all seen this video? A woman is carrying around a 4 year old cheeseburger from McDonald’s. Why? Because the food has not aged (i.e. molded or mildewed or rotted in any way). There are so many preservative chemicals in McDonald’s food that it still looks as though she bought the cheeseburger a couple of hours ago. Check it out yourself:

Pretty disgusting, huh? Well, upon further research, I noticed that some people are making videos to refute her claim. Here’s a couple that I found:

The above video, while created by a teenager, seemed to have a lot of research. And I do agree with him, it does make the woman look like an idiot when she compares a raw potato to a cooked one…The next one is done by an adult:

Now…I do agree that (obviously) salt preserves food. After all, that’s how we did it in the “old days” before refrigerators were invented. However, I sincerely doubt that there is enough salt on those fries to preserve them. They do, however, use Canola oil for their fried foods, which isn’t good for you.

Here’s what I propose: I’m going to cook a cheeseburger here at home, and fry up some fries…then I’m going to set the burger and the fries in a lunchbox. Then I will go purchase a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries and put them in the lunchbox too. I will videotape all of this, and share it with y’all. I’ll check it once a week to see how it goes! What do you think?

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