5 Reasons to Make Homemade Bread

Homemade foods are always better than store bought or processed foods. This is true of breads too! We recently dug out our bread maker from storage and began making our own. We realized we were going through approximately 10 store bought loaves of bread per week, and it was costing way too much.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share 5 reasons that you may want to think about getting your own bread maker (or digging it out of storage!).

  1. The Taste. I love the smells of homemade bread baking! And the taste of it lives up to the smell. Even my kids said that it tastes so much better than the store bought kind; especially when it’s still warm!
  2. More Filling. Have you ever noticed that homemade bread is more filling than anything you buy in the store? Even my 5 year old used to have to eat 5-6 sandwiches made with the store bought stuff! Now he’s full after 2-3 sandwiches, and he stays that way until snack time.
  3. Saves Money. As I said before, my family was going through at least 10 loaves of store brought bread a week. The ingredients for homemade bread don’t cost that much, and last a while. Since they aren’t eating as much of it, it lasts a little longer. If you buy in bulk, through Sam’s Club or BJ’s (whatever wholesale club is near you) you’ll save even more!
  4. No Unknown Ingredients. A lot of store bought breads contain potassium bromate, which is a dangerous additive. Making your own bread ensures that nothing unhealthy goes into your children’s mouth; just check the ingredients on the flour and yeast that you purchase.
  5. Variety. Have you looked at the prices on different flavors of bread? They aren’t cheap! Making your own bread means you can have cranberry bread, wheat bread, or any other kind of bread you want without having to pay the exorbitant prices.

All in all, bread making is a healthy choice for you and your children. We all have busy lives; that’s why bread makers come in so handy. Put in the ingredients; turn it on, and voila! In about 3 hours you’ll have a delicious, healthy and aromatic loaf of bread.

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