6 Reasons to Start an Organic Garden

There are so many reasons to start your own organic garden; I hardly know where to begin. There are so many dangerous and untested food additives being added to our food that growing your own produce could almost be considered a prerequisite to good health. Our children are taught good nutritional habits in school, but they aren’t taught about pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables, or about the dangers of so-called “healthy” drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup. In fact, most American adults are purposely kept in the dark about these dangers. To keep your children safe from the harmful chemicals used in commercially grown fruits and vegetables, why not start your own organic garden? Here are 6 more reasons starting an organic garden is beneficial.

  1. 1. Eat healthy for less. Organic food is definitely healthier for us; however, organic food can get really expensive! Growing your own healthy fruits and vegetables is a less expensive option for feeding your children safe and healthy foods.

  2. 2. Know where your food’s coming from. By growing our own foods, we not only know where it’s coming from, we know exactly how it was grown and that it’s free from dangerous pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.

  3. 3. Higher in Vitamins and Minerals. It has been shown that organically grown produce is higher in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that help prevent cancer. Given the choice of eating chemically treated cancer causing produce and organically grown cancer preventing produce, I think the answer is obvious.

  4. 4. Fresh Tasting Meals and Snacks. Growing your own fruits and vegetables for use in your cooking and for your kid’s snacks isn’t only healthier, it tastes great! I remember eating vegetables picked right from the ground in my grandmother’s garden as a kid…and they tasted so much different than even the “fresh” produce you find at the supermarket today.

  5. 5. Protect the environment. The chemicals in herbicides, pesticides and insecticides are harmful not only to us, but also our earth. Organic gardening helps protect ecosystems, animals, our health and our environment.

  6. 6. Support a Healthy Ecosystem. Think about it; prior to the 1900s gardening and farming was done all naturally. There weren’t issues with our chemical practices killing animals…nature was respected as our sustenance, and therefore wasn’t abused as it is today. An organic garden creates healthy, rich soil which in turn promotes a healthy ecosystem naturally.

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