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The purpose of this blog is to bring about awareness of the hidden dangers in the food we are consuming and the foods that we are feeding our families, and provide ways to protect our children from these dangers.

Should You Be Eating a Gluten-Free Diet?

Aug 30, 2010

You see “gluten-free” everywhere you go: on restaurant menus, cakes and breads, flour and baking mixes. But do you really need to avoid gluten? What is Gluten? Gluten is a type of protein. It’s found in wheat, rye and barley, so is in a lot of bread products; it’s what gives our bread that chewy…

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More Proof That ADHD is Bogus

Aug 25, 2010

Many of you sneer when I say that ADHD is a made up disease to line someone’s pocket through the sale of dangerous and unnecessary drugs. However, you can’t ignore the facts! Do you really believe that this many children all suddenly have a disorder causing them to be immature, have problems paying attention and…

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6 Reasons to Start an Organic Garden

Aug 24, 2010

There are so many reasons to start your own organic garden; I hardly know where to begin. There are so many dangerous and untested food additives being added to our food that growing your own produce could almost be considered a prerequisite to good health. Our children are taught good nutritional habits in school, but…

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How To Start an Organic Garden

Aug 23, 2010

One way to ensure your children aren’t being fed dangerous ingredients that are so commonly in food today is to grow your own vegetables. If you’re not an avid gardener, it may be best to start small; taking on too much can cause frustration, and can lead to quitting before you begin. With that in…

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The Early Puberty Crisis

Aug 19, 2010

Girls are starting to hit puberty early; according to a recent study published in the Pediatrics journal, in the United States the typical age is between 10 & 11. My own daughter started puberty when she was 8, which is considerably earlier than normal. Most people don’t think anything of it; the next generation has…

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Minute Maid vs Capri Sun

Aug 18, 2010

Many parents buy their children pouch drinks for school lunches, field trips, or sports games. But all of us know those aren’t the best option…we all know that drinking water is the best option. With that in mind, manufacturers have now begun producing “flavored water” drinks. Unfortunately, these really aren’t any healthier. I looked at…

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Cloned Cow Causing Worldwide Ruckus

Aug 17, 2010

Some guy from Wisconsin decided to have his prized cow cloned, and now the entire world is in an uproar. Varying authorities are trying to reassure citizens the world over that cloned beef and cloned milk are safe for consumption. Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t…my concern is that the FDA lies to us…

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Mom Aims to Be World’s Fattest Woman

Aug 16, 2010

In this day and age, when overweight children abound, can you believe that there is one woman who actually wants to GAIN weight? And no, she is not thin at all…in fact, Donna Simpson weighs in at a whopping 602 pounds. And yes, she wants to weigh more…it is her goal to reach 1,000 pounds!…

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