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Food Industries

Borden Dairy Products

I saw an advertisement yesterday for Borden, in which they claimed to be extremely healthy and beneficial to the American farmer. Because of the dangers of rBGH, I decided I wanted to check into it. After all, if it is a healthy product, AND it supports our farmers, then I definitely want to support Borden!…

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ADHD: A Mass Hysteria Marketing Ploy

I’ve always been complimented on how well behaved my children are. Because I have 5 of them, people are always astounded when they sit quietly at the dinner table in the restaurant, or walk right next to the cart in the store. Several times, we have gone to pay our dinner bill only to be…

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The Monsanto Cover-up

Monsanto is a company that produces, among other things, rBGH, the growth hormone that is injected into cows. Numerous tests were performed with the rBGH, to see what the risks were of using this hormone. However, for whatever reason, the general public was lied to about the results. The following video discusses a coverup by…

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