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Organic Foods

Borden Dairy Products

I saw an advertisement yesterday for Borden, in which they claimed to be extremely healthy and beneficial to the American farmer. Because of the dangers of rBGH, I decided I wanted to check into it. After all, if it is a healthy product, AND it supports our farmers, then I definitely want to support Borden!…

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My Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Over the weekend I had the chance to go to a couple of local farmers markets in my area. It was actually pretty interesting, and the produce available was delicious. The best part of all is that I got the chance to talk to the growers face to face. Small time farmers are a dying…

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8 Ways You Can Save Money on Organic Foods

Food prices have been rising for a while now, and sometimes it can be hard for my family to afford the food that we need. I know many of you have the same issues! Organic food is more expensive (saw a gallon of organic milk this morning for $5.99!!!), and many families feel that going…

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