Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

In the early 90s, research was performed to determine if genetically modified tomatoes were healthy to eat. The rats had to be force fed, because they didn’t even want to eat the altered tomatoes! A lot of the rats ended up with stomach lesions and 7 of 40 rats died within 2 weeks. Sounds safe, doesn’t it?

Well, the scientists attempted to warn the FDA of the dangers of eating the genetically modified tomato, and especially of introducing it to the general public. Scientists warned that it could cause allergies, antibiotic resistant illnesses and nutritional deficiencies.

Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t require proof that a substance is safe before they approve it. A company merely has to state that their product is safe, and well, that’s just good enough for the FDA! Therefore, the genetically modified tomato was approved in 1994, despite the studies that indicated health dangers.

While that particular tomato is no longer on the market, there are several other genetically modified foods that you are already eating. The worst part is, companies aren’t required to tell you when products are genetically modified!!

Unfortunately, any scientists that raise objections to these monstrosities against nature are threatened, fired, and lose tenure or retirement benefits. As an example, scientists in the UK performed a study that was funded by their government to determine the safety of a genetically modified potato.

Results of that study indicated that the potato caused pre-cancerous growths, damage to the immune system, and repressed the development of young rats brains, liver and testicles. Not something we want our children to go through!

Yet, when the scientist went public with the study results, he was fired from his job, even though he had been a great employee for 35 years! He was also threatened with a lawsuit if he continued warning about the dangers of the genetically modified potato.

The same thing happens here in the United States. It’s all about who has the most money, not about what is safe for us and our children to eat.

Now, the FDA has before them the proposal to approve genetically modified salmon. If this gets approved, who knows what additional health problems we will turn up with? Our children are already riddled with disease and plagued with obesity…what’s next?

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