GMO Salmon – Just Say No!

It’s already been proven that genetically modified plants are a risk to our health. But now the FDA has before them a request to approve genetically modified salmon as a food source. This GMO salmon was made so that its body automatically creates an overabundance of growth hormones; therefore, the GMO salmon reaches full maturity in 18 months, instead of the 3 years nature requires.

However, scientists that advise the FDA are claiming that genetically modified salmon are “as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon”.

You can’t create an exact replica of something from nature. If it has been scientifically proven that other genetically modified substances are not processed by our digestive systems, why would they think that fish would be any different?

If the FDA approves the genetically modified salmon, what’s next? Cloned cows? Pigs? Will all of our food be artificially created? What’s that going to do to the ecosystem?

Think about it…if the FDA opens the door to artificial animals as a food source, we’re going to have an overabundance of animals. What would happen to cows, pigs, chickens, and all the other livestock we currently use for food? The organic industry is not big enough to handle the entire population of livestock in this country.

Many scientists are concerned about what would happen if “natural” and “artificial” animals were to mix; who knows what this mix could do to our ecosystem? Researchers have already proven that the real salmon find the GMO salmon more attractive for breeding purposes, presumably because they are larger in size.

Scientists argue that the eggs of the GMO salmon are “treated” before they are sold so that they only create sterile female fish. My question to this is: if we can’t even guarantee treatment for humans that 100% removes the possibility of reproducing, why should we believe that they can do it with fish?

Research has been done but only by the companies themselves; no unbiased researchers or facilities have performed any tests at all. Therefore, it is doubtful that the testing results are accurate.

The FDA is conducting public hearings from September 19th – 21st. If you’re able, make it a point to go to them and get your voice heard! You can register online.

If you can’t attend the public hearings, please tell the FDA that Americans don’t want GMO salmon online by submitting a comment on docket # FDA-2010-N-0385.

We have to stop this craziness!!

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