Health Benefits of Drinking Water

I know you’ve heard it before…drink water, it’s healthy for you. Well, perhaps you know you are supposed to drink lots of water, but do you know all the health benefits you gain by drinking water? Many of these I didn’t even know! Drinking enough water and keeping yourself hydrated can help prevent, treat or in some cases even cure several troublesome health conditions.

If you have ever gone to the hospital with some unknown ailment, most hospitals give you an IV of fluid right away. The reason is simple: dehydration is often the culprit behind many health issues. Read on to find out why you should make sure you’re drinking a minimum of 48 oz of water daily.

Joint pain, in children and adults alike, is often caused by not being hydrated. Arthritis and back pain can both often be treated by increasing your water intake. Keep in mind that many of those pills being pushed on us by doctors are actually damaging our health, and they won’t do anything to solve the problem; they are just there to relieve our pain and suffering.

How many people do you know that have high cholesterol problems? Guess what?? Drinking lots of water (mixed with a regular exercise routine, such as walking) can help prevent high cholesterol. Because our bodies are mostly made up of water, keeping our bodies hydrated is a necessity to make sure that our bodies function properly.

Not too long ago, my husband was hospitalized due to some unknown condition. He had flu-like symptoms that lasted over a week. When the doctors attempted to take his blood, they had severe issues because he was so dehydrated. Without sufficient water intake, our blood becomes very thick and doesn’t flow properly. These are some of the symptoms of heart conditions that doctors will charge you tons of money for surgery to correct.

Don’t worry, my husband was fine…but my point is that drinking lots of water can help prevent heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure.

Because our blood doesn’t flow as well when we don’t drink enough water, our bodies are also unable to get rid of all the toxins and waste it needs to. Dehydrated bodies are unable to sweat, which not only keeps us cool, it’s also one way our bodies get rid of waste products.

All in all, water is essential to our health. Even if you don’t live in the southern states, where it gets exceptionally hot in the summer, you need to make sure your children are drinking lots of water. The health benefits (not to mention the money you save from not needing expensive medical care!) for you and your children far outweigh any disadvantages…wait…I can’t think of any disadvantages!


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