Lead Found in Fruits and Juices

lead found in juicesWhen my youngest daughter was 6 or 7 months old, she got lead poisoning. I was so angry! My son had elevated levels of lead in his blood, but not enough to cause serious symptoms. It was from the paint in the house that we were renting at the time. We were so angry because the landlord was required by law to let us know about the paint in the house, and he didn’t.

She began to show symptoms; not able to sleep (she’d wake up 5-6 times a night screaming), not eating well, she lost weight, and she began to randomly hit her head against things (the floor, the wall, her bottle)…

Now picture your child going through this just from drinking the same juices that you have been feeding your children for years! It’s a parent’s worst nightmare!!!

The Environmental Law Foundation, a non-profit organization based in California, purchased a variety of different individually packaged juices, fruit cocktails, peaches and pairs. They then sent it to an EPA-certified lab where they were tested for lead content.

Here’s the part that scares me and frankly pisses me off! Test results showed that these products contained lead levels higher than the daily limit set by the FDA! And this is for SINGLE SERVINGS! Imagine how much lead your child is ingesting if she is drinking 3, 4 or 5 of these juice boxes and fruit snacks per day!

Why don’t we just let our children chew on some paint chips and drink some lead-based paint? It all amounts to the same…it’s starting to seem like we are simply poisoning our children by shopping at a grocery store.

When are the food manufacturers going to stop trying to kill us all? This is crazy! Before you give your child any more juice or pre-packaged fruit, check out this list to make sure it’s a safe product. This list has the varieties that were tested, and tells you which are safe and which aren’t.


This is even worse in my opinion; fruits and juice are supposed to be HEALTHY!! So all of these parents giving their child these supposedly “good for you” snacks and drinks in an attempt to provide healthy snacks, are actually poisoning their children with lead. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

I think it’s funny when other parents look at me and say “aren’t you a little paranoid?” It makes me laugh! Normally, I would say maybe…BUT with things like this happening all the time, and the cover ups with hormones & other unsafe chemicals in our food, how could anyone possibly say I’m being paranoid?!


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