Check Your Bread Products

Check your bread labels! Many breads, rolls or flour contain Potassium Bromate, an additive added to many bread products to increase its volume. Potassium Bromate has been known to cause cancer in laboratory animals since 1982, yet the FDA still declares it safe to eat.

The FDA did, however, acknowledge that Potassium Bromate is a dangerous additive…but instead of banning its use, they instead tried to discourage bakeries from using it in their foods. I don’t know about you, but this shows a total disregard for the health of our American citizens. The very citizens the FDA is supposed to be looking out for!

Watch out for this dangerous food additive! Potassium Bromate, or KBrO3, is toxic to our kidneys. It can lead to renal cell tumors and thyroid tumors, and causes damage to our central nervous system. Aren’t there enough things that can give us cancer without eating food that contains causes cancer too???

Our Food and Drug Administration, the organization that is supposed to ensure we are eating safe and healthy foods, needs to stop accepting bribes and start doing its job!! Many other countries have already banned the use of Potassium Bromate in food manufacturing because of its health risks. Shouldn’t we, the “strongest nation in the world” be taking care of our citizens better?

Many fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s or Burger King, use sandwich buns that contain Potassium Bromate. Avoid these at all costs, and look at the labels of everything you buy at the grocery store.


  1. isasbread on July 26, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Not only the bread, the pizza too. We have to learn to ask business owner, chefs and bakers if they use potassium bromate in breads and pizzas. The KBrO3 strength the gluten so much that make the product difficult to digest for humans. People always said that pizza sauce its very acid, but its not the pizza sauce, its the dough with extra strength gluten. You feel so full at the very first slice.
    Just USA, Puerto Rico and some noodles in Japan still using KBrO3.
    The last country that illegalize the Potassium Bromate were Dominican Republic, because some Univ students proved the excess use of KBrO3 in bread making. We need to made a group and educate people about that. FDA cant ilegalized the use of KBrO3, theres a case in court, I think near 1930. Not a lot of scientific evidence.
    Theres differents letters wrote to the FDA from chemicals profesionals to trying stop the using of these chemical ingredient.
    Plastic bottle water have the same problem, when companies procesed tap water, sometimes the water get bromated. Like in UK with the Dasani water few years ago. People have the choice to a better health, we need more education and love parents that care about kids health.
    Thanks for the contribution to society.

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