Vitamin D for Flu Prevention

In May of 2010, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition released the findings of a study that proved Vitamin D supplements are more effective at preventing the flu than the flu vaccine itself. What are the odds that the flu shot will fade out in favor of Vitamin D supplements?

The study performed at the Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo was a randomized, double blind study performed with school aged children to see the health benefits of Vitamin D. Some school children were supplemented daily with 1200 IUs of Vitamin D, while others were given a placebo.

Researchers found that Vitamin D cut the risk of contracting the flu virus almost in half; that’s much more effective than the flu vaccine! The risk of Influenza A infection was decreased by 42%. Yet we are still being pushed to get the flu shot. We are still told it’s dangerous to NOT get one.

Amazingly enough, researchers discovered that preventing the flu isn’t the only benefit Vitamin D supplementation offers. Asthma sufferers can also find relief. Of the asthma suffering children that participated in the study, 12 of them on the placebo had asthma attacks during the study, while only 2 attacks occurred among those who received the Vitamin D Supplements.

At the very least, this study should raise enough interest to reproduce the study here in the United States. Unfortunately, I don’t think that it will. You would think that since other research studies have already proven the flu vaccine to be ineffective, this new study would encourage further studies here in our own nation.

So far, the track record of drugs used for medical treatments has not been good. For evidence of this, turn your television on. The vast array of commercials for new class action lawsuits for damages caused by prescription drugs speaks for itself. A natural remedy such as Vitamin D supplements is welcome among other dangerous options.

The pressure to get a flu shot isn’t going to go away, even though scientific studies have proven its inefficiency. (Read “Should You Get A Flu Shot?” for more information.) The point of the flu shot has never been to protect us from contracting the flu virus; it’s merely a money marketing scheme. The pharmaceutical companies are making billions off our ignorance.

Doctors are trained in medical school that the only viable solutions to sickness and disease are scientific drugs. Health solutions, such as foods or certain nutrients, are viewed as “quackery”. Even in society, people who search for natural cures or natural prevention are looked down on.

Take the safer route, and ensure your children get enough Vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight helps with Vitamin D levels as well.

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