7 Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease

The risk for tick-transmitted Lyme disease is still at large, especially for those living in the New England area. Knowing the ways to successfully reduce your risk for tick bites is essential in avoiding the development of the disease. Try to stay on trails when you are in heavily wooded areas, and always put on bug spray that has significant levels of DEET in it so that the ticks are repelled from latching onto your skin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be sure that when you are hiking, you always stay on trails and do not wonder into heavily-wooded areas.
  • Always wear bug spray that has a quality DEET level within it so that you can prevent tick bites.
  • Only 50% of those diagnosed with Lyme Disease reported an actual bulls-eye rash.

“”Yeah, how’s that to make you sit up and pay attention, right? I mean, hearing about regular Lyme Disease is bad enough, but deadly? Sigh.””

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