How To Track Your Cycles for Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Medical birth control is generally full of synthetic chemicals designed to tamper with a woman’s natural cycle. Left to itself, a female’s body has a regular cycle that should allow her to know when she will menstruate and with a little help when she is fertile and when she isn’t. The “little help” comes from “Natural Cycles.” The company affords female users a way to track their hormones, with a thermometer and an app. Users can input a daily temperature. The app will alert the user if the day is fertile one, becoming better at the job as it becomes used to its users cycle. Once it is, it can also predict periods. The app has a very low failure rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tracking your menstrual cycle can give you a new spiritual and emotional perspective, and teach you to respect your body?s natural wisdom and live more in harmony with nature.
  • To track your cycle with the Natural Cycles app, take your temperature and input the data into the Natural Cycles app.
  • Tracking your cycle can be useful as a non-chemical form of family planning, and can also make you more aware of how your cycle effects your emotions.

“When you live in disharmony with me, you expend needless energy. When you surrender yourself over to my tides, your life feels effortless.”

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