Strawberry Pesticides–the TOXIC Truth

The rate at which pesticides are found in strawberries is both frightening and dangerous when it comes to their consumption. Since strawberries are grown inside soil, they are ultra vulnerable to the invasion of pesticides due to their lifespan starting in such a risky situation. Over 55% of strawberries were found with the pesticide Tetrahydrophthalimide alone, which was supposed to be banned by the United States, yet it is still present in over half of our strawberries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strawberries are most vulnerable to pesticides due to them beginning their life within the soil.
  • Over half of strawberries in grocery stores showed traces of a chemical that was banned in the United States.
  • Once people find out the pesticides in strawberries, they are often deterred from eating mainstream produce altogether.

“”So the question is?what strawberry pesticides are being used, are they seriously dangerous or not that bad? And do you need to buy organic only or grow your own?””

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