Virtual Reality Can Help Women Get Through Childbirth With Less Pain

Erin Martucci wanted to give birth to her child through natural ways, meaning no epidurals or other drugs to manage any pain she might have experienced during labor. When she went finally went into labor, her doctor gave her a virtual reality headset. When she put on the headphones, she saw a beautiful beach and heard the sound of a pleasant voice coaching her through the delivery. Before she realized it, two hours had passed and she was ready to push. The experiment was success.

Key Takeaways:

  • For her second baby, Erin Martucci wanted a natural delivery without pain management drugs.
  • When her labor started, a doctor gave her a virtual reality headset with a beach setting and birthing coaching.
  • The experiment worked well for Erin since she didn’t realize two hours had flown by.

“”Thus, so far, in many cases, VR cannot yet ?fight? the pain completely, and in other cases, the virtual universe might mean such a big distraction that mothers get anxious that they will not know what?s happening to them or around them.””

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