Product Labeling

The Fruit Juice Lies – How You Are Conned

CONTAINS FRUIT JUICE This simply means there is some portion of fruit juice contained in the product, typically “some drink.” The manufacturer is putting this on the packaging to attempt to pass it off as some sort of healthy product because it has fruit juice. The problem is that it could be a minuscule amount…

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“Natural Flavors” – What Does It Mean?

It is a typical day, and you are grocery shopping. Your goal is to feed your family healthy food. You’ve become an ingredient reader, and you care about what goes into the bodies of your family. You notice that most of the packages you pick up say “natural flavors” and this makes you feel good…

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What Does the Label “Natural” Mean?

“The word ‘natural’ helps sell $40 billion worth of food in the U.S. and the label means nothing.” Have you seen a lot of foods labeled as “natural” or “all-natural” in the store lately? You aren’t alone. It sounds good and makes you feel good when you buy it. Many people think this means…

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