Healing Brain Trauma with Food, Supplements, and Lifestyle (Autism, TBI, PTSD)

One mother of a daughter with brain injury, found that a grain-free diet was useful in aiding her daughter to heal. Besides using supplements and dietary regimes to aid in her journey to assist her daughter, this mother has realized that it’s important to reach out and communicate. Sharing her struggles online has helped. Encouraging her other children and others to help where possible has also proven efficacious. Even making sure everyone has enough sleep is an important tool in the healing protocol.

Key Takeaways:

  • One mother of a brain-injured child has found that a grain-free diet has proven beneficial for her daughter’s healing.
  • As her 11-year old has gotten older, the other kids have taken on more duties, which is also beneficial to the caregiver’s stress-level, aiding her ability to aid her daughter.
  • More free time for mom means more time for trying out new protocols to help her daughter.

“This summer we are diving back into an intense healing protocol for my daughter, 11, who has a brain injury.”

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