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General Health and Wellness

Is there “Paint Thinner” (Trisodium Phosphate) in Cereal?

Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) is often used in paint thinner due to it having high levels of alkaline which help clean various substances. The CDC recommends avoiding all consumption of TSP due to how it can lead to frighteningly harmful health issues such as kidney damage and calcium removal from bones. Unfortunately, this chemical is showing…

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7 Tips to Prevent Lyme Disease

The risk for tick-transmitted Lyme disease is still at large, especially for those living in the New England area. Knowing the ways to successfully reduce your risk for tick bites is essential in avoiding the development of the disease. Try to stay on trails when you are in heavily wooded areas, and always put on…

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Strawberry Pesticides–the TOXIC Truth

The rate at which pesticides are found in strawberries is both frightening and dangerous when it comes to their consumption. Since strawberries are grown inside soil, they are ultra vulnerable to the invasion of pesticides due to their lifespan starting in such a risky situation. Over 55% of strawberries were found with the pesticide Tetrahydrophthalimide…

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