It’s National Farmers Market Week!!

Keep your family healthy, support your local farmers and your local economy all in one fell swoop! This week, from August 1-7, is National Farmers Market Week!

Why Shop at Farmers Markets?

Shopping at Farmers Markets gives you access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and at some, you can even find fresh, rBGH free milk and dairy products, hormone free meats and free range chicken. Your children will have delicious foods to eat that don’t contain all those dangerous food additives!

Because of the mass producing that industrial farms are able to do, small family farms that still grow healthy produce and raise animals the natural way (without artificial hormones and unnecessary chemicals) can’t keep up. Help keep small family farms running by shopping at your local farmers market.

Think about what would happen to a farming family if they lost the farm due to a lack of business. They would lose their livelihood, their home, their heritage…the land would get snatched up by some billionaire company that would demolish it just to build more buildings and make more money. The family may have a hard time finding a new place to live, and new jobs…some of these farmers have farmed their entire life and don’t know any other way to make a living!

To me, farming is a complete representation of the American dream. The smell of the farm, the sounds of the cows, chickens and goats, the sight of corn growing as far as your eye can see…it’s all peaceful, relaxing and symbolizes freedom. Children growing up on a farm learn a lot of important life lessons, including a strong work ethic.

If you aren’t sure where there is a Farmers Market near you, try searching the Farmers Market search engine.

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