Parents Refuse to Feed Toddler Junk Food – Authorities Take Child

Most of us want our children to be healthy, successful and happy. They should be carefree, running around and playful, with no worries in the world. We try to feed our children healthy, delicious meals to give them lifetime nutritional habits. But one mom in England got her child taken away for refusing to follow doctor’s advice of feeding her 2 year old son lots of junk food.

Yeah, you read that right…let me tell you the background.

Lisa Hessey and her husband became concerned when their 2 year old son refused to eat. As a result, he lost weight. So…they did what any concerned parent would do: they took him to their trusted pediatrician.

Because the toddler only weighed 17 pounds, they placed him in the hospital for a 2 week evaluation. At the end of the evaluation, Mrs. Hessey arrived at the hospital to pick her son up, only to be told by social workers that they were placing her son in foster care to determine his eating habits. She was told, “…if you oppose this, we will go straight to court and have all your parental rights taken away.”

This situation, while it may not be here in the US, scares me…I have a 5-1/2 year old son who refuses to eat all the time. All he wants to eat is hot dogs, or ice cream, cookies, etc…and I won’t let him have it. Nor will I cook him a special meal; I have 5 children, and it’s unrealistic to think that I can cook 5 different meals. He either eats what we have, or he doesn’t eat. (The only exception is when he actually doesn’t LIKE what we’re having for a meal.)

The Hessey’s son remained in foster care for 4 months. During that time, he was fed a constant barrage of junk food. After his parents got him back, Mrs. Hessey reported that now it was even harder to get him to eat healthy food, because he had a taste for the junk he had been fed in the foster home.

The most interesting question is: did the toddler actually gain weight? After all, the doctors had recommended feeding him the junk food so he would gain weight. But, the boy only gained 1 pound in the 4 months he spent in foster care…so I suppose their theories didn’t work, did they?


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