Why Choose Organic?

Between rBGH and IGF-1 in our milk, and pesticides on our produce, is there anything safe to give our kids? Luckily many farmers share the same concerns that we do, and produce foods that are grown the “old-fashioned” way. The Organic foods produced by these farmers are free of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides (weed…

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Why is Organic Food So Expensive?

With all of the health risks that are in our food, it’s obvious why many people are choosing to purchase organic foods. However, larger families and families with limited income are unable to because it costs so much!

Most consumers don’t understand why. If you ask your friends and family why organic food is so expensive, you may get answers like “because it’s so popular right now,” “there are only limited sources”, or even “because they are trying to rob us blind!”

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