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The purpose of this blog is to bring about awareness of the hidden dangers in the food we are consuming and the foods that we are feeding our families, and provide ways to protect our children from these dangers.

FDA Won’t Require Labeling of Genetically Modified Salmon

Sep 28, 2010

GM Salmon – No Labeling Required While the FDA has not made a decision on whether to approve AquAdvantage’s genetically modified salmon, they have announced that labeling will not be required. The genetically modified salmon will be in the stores along with nature’s own salmon; consumers will not be able to tell a difference. Shouldn’t…

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Voluntary Similac Recall

Sep 24, 2010

If you use Similac powdered formula, you may want to find out if the cans you currently have are part of the recent product recall. Beetles were found in the production area during a routine quality check. Due to the remote possibility of beetles or larvae being contaminating the infant formula cans, Similac is voluntarily…

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Is Childhood Obesity Contagious?

Sep 23, 2010

In a ridiculously unfounded statement, researchers have stated that obesity among children may be caused by a virus. I couldn’t believe it when I read this. You realize where this is headed, right? Soon, they will have a new drug to fight this alleged “obesity virus” that will make the pharmaceutical companies even more money…then…

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Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

Sep 22, 2010

In the early 90s, research was performed to determine if genetically modified tomatoes were healthy to eat. The rats had to be force fed, because they didn’t even want to eat the altered tomatoes! A lot of the rats ended up with stomach lesions and 7 of 40 rats died within 2 weeks. Sounds safe,…

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Are Hand Sanitizers Effective?

Sep 20, 2010

Schools across the country are including hand sanitizer on their school supply lists. Teachers deliver doses to children several times throughout the day, sometimes in lieu of hand washing. Many grocery stores have dispensers throughout the store for customers’ use. Women carry mini bottles in their purse, to rid their hands of germs throughout the…

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Use Glass and Stainless Steel

Sep 17, 2010

Bisphenol-A is a dangerous chemical used in canned foods, plastic bottles, baby bottles and infant formula cans. It’s very dangerous and has been linked to breast cancer and prostate cancer. Hopefully, BPA will be banned soon. Canada’s already considering it so hopefully the United States will follow suit. In the meantime, we can limit our…

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Vitamin D for Flu Prevention

Sep 16, 2010

In May of 2010, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition released the findings of a study that proved Vitamin D supplements are more effective at preventing the flu than the flu vaccine itself. What are the odds that the flu shot will fade out in favor of Vitamin D supplements? The study performed at the…

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What are Genetically Modified Foods?

Sep 13, 2010

In light of the genetically modified salmon currently before the FDA for approval, I thought it would be worth covering exactly what genetically modified means, and why it’s an incredibly bad idea to let genetically modified foods into our food market. What exactly does “genetically modified” mean? Scientists create genetically modified animals or plants by…

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