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The purpose of this blog is to bring about awareness of the hidden dangers in the food we are consuming and the foods that we are feeding our families, and provide ways to protect our children from these dangers.

Parents Refuse to Feed Toddler Junk Food – Authorities Take Child

Aug 14, 2010

Most of us want our children to be healthy, successful and happy. They should be carefree, running around and playful, with no worries in the world. We try to feed our children healthy, delicious meals to give them lifetime nutritional habits. But one mom in England got her child taken away for refusing to follow…

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Is Vitamin Water Healthy for Us?

Aug 13, 2010

Judging by the name, Vitamin Water sounds like it’s a healthy drink; after all, it’s just water infused with vitamins, right? Wrong! It’s sad that we don’t trust ANYONE in this world, yet we believe whatever commercials tell us. This is partly why the food industry has been able to poison us without knowing it!…

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Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Aug 12, 2010

I know you’ve heard it before…drink water, it’s healthy for you. Well, perhaps you know you are supposed to drink lots of water, but do you know all the health benefits you gain by drinking water? Many of these I didn’t even know! Drinking enough water and keeping yourself hydrated can help prevent, treat or…

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Scientific Study Proves HFCS is Dangerous

Aug 6, 2010

I’m sure y’all have seen all the commercials that claim that high fructose corn syrup is this gloopy gloppy mess…as well as the commercials that say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact it’s healthy for our kids to drink! After all, the food industry tells us that high fructose corn syrup is the…

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Drew Carey Proves the Power of Diet

Aug 5, 2010

I know many people think that those of us who eat so-called “health food” or “organic” foods are just following a fad. I used to think that too! Unfortunately, it’s not a fad. It’s the desire to be healthy because of the poisons that are being put in manufactured foods. What I don’t understand is…

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It’s National Farmers Market Week!!

Aug 2, 2010

Keep your family healthy, support your local farmers and your local economy all in one fell swoop! This week, from August 1-7, is National Farmers Market Week! Why Shop at Farmers Markets? Shopping at Farmers Markets gives you access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and at some, you can even find fresh, rBGH free milk…

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Acesulfame-K – Such Sweet Poison…

Jul 30, 2010

When society decided that sugar needed to be cut out of their diets, the food industry began replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners. One of these is Acesulfame-K, a chemical sweetener 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.  Unfortunately, these artificial chemical sweeteners are damaging our bodies more than sugar ever could. Studies done on Acesulfame-K Animal…

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The Dangers of Propyl Gallate

Jul 29, 2010

With all of the extremely dangerous additives being used by the food industry, it makes sense that those with even a suspicion of being dangerous should be avoided as well. Have you seen all those commercials that are advertising class action law suits for people who experienced severe health issues due to a particular prescription…

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